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Last update: Friday, November 18, 2011 7:50 AM

SLIC Protocol for Students in Directed Study

Science Learning and Instructional Center (SLIC) is open to all students seeking support in core science courses. Our goal is to have at least one peer coach in SLIC for each of the regular 28 class blocks (A – G) each week. Since most of the SLIC staff are junior and senior students, the SLIC schedule must work around their class schedules, thus there may be a particular block that has no staff support. See the SLIC Schedule for the specific block coverage. Although at this time, J-blocks are not covered, if support is requested for J-blocks, we will attempt to find staff.

When SLIC is open, students with a free block in their schedule may come to SLIC to take advantage of the resources available. A student may elect to work with a staff member, with a classmate, or alone. Students who work in SLIC are requested to sign the attendance log. All SLIC resources are available to students who drop-in to SLIC; no appointment is needed.

Students enrolled in a Directed Study may request a pass to SLIC from Directed Study. Students get a pass to SLIC from their science teacher or from the staff of SLIC. The pass will be written for specific blocks in the week, but can be used for as many weeks as needed.

Please note that there is NO FOOD or DRINK (other than water) allowed in SLIC.

Student Pass to SLIC from Directed Study

Students who are enrolled in a Directed Study block may request a pass to SLIC from their science teacher or from the staff at SLIC. Your science teacher will fill in a pass to SLIC for the particular block or blocks in which you are enrolled in Directed Study. A SLIC pass is a multi-use pass good for many visits, so keep it accessible. A SLIC staff member will date and initial your pass each visit to SLIC so that your Directed Study teacher can monitor your attendance. It is important that you always check in with your Directed Study teacher at the beginning and at the end of your Directed Study block as attendance is monitored. SLIC staff members do not maintain attendance records for Directed Study — it is the responsibility of each student to be certain that their attendance in Directed Study is correctly monitored.

Directed Study Sign-out Sheet

Each Directed Study block will have a SLIC sign-out sheet, similar to the Library sign-out sheet, for students to attend SLIC. Remember to sign out before you leave for SLIC, and to sign in when you return to Directed Study at the end of the block, as required by your Directed Study teacher. Attendance records are maintained by your Directed Study teacher, not by the staff at SLIC. It is the responsibility of the student to keep your Directed Study teacher informed as to your whereabouts when you go to SLIC. Failure to sign in and out of Directed Study could lead to an unexcused absence.

SLIC Attendance Log

The staff members will maintain a log of students who make use of SLIC. This is not an official attendance record for the school; it is a usage log for SLIC records, and for teacher reference. Students should not rely on the attendance log maintained by SLIC as a record of Directed Study attendance, as it simply is not.


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