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Academic Year 2017-18

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Last update: Sunday, September 3, 2017 8:51 PM

Chemistry 8211 by Term

Each term contains seven modules. Five of these modules are based on content in chapters of the class textbook. The remaining two modules are projects. Materials will be available in class, but you may also print off copies of the what you need.

The first four modules of each term are called core modules. The content of each core module is based on chapters in the course textbook, and are closely tied to the State of Massachusetts Standards for High School Chemistry.

As you work through a module, complete each of the module obligations in order, then have each assignment approved by your teacher.

When you have completed all of the obligations of the module, submit your completed module packet with all of the supporting work to request an oral review.

Once your review has been approved, you should feel confident that you have reasonable mastery of the content for a unit. Request a module test. Module tests are one page, double-sided, with a variety of means for students to show their understanding. All module tests have the same format, thus students will quickly develop an expectation as to what the test will look like. Passing score for a module test is 80% or better. If a student does not pass the module test on the first attempt, the teaching staff will go over the test with the student to target areas for improvement. There will be three opportunities (each on a specific day) to take a module test. If a student is not able to achieve a score of 80% or better on a particular module, partial points for the module will be awarded, and the student will move on to the next module. Every effort will be made by the teaching staff to see that each student has prepared appropriately for the module test.

Your grade for each term depends on how many core modules you complete, plus points earned from choice modules, projects, and other incentives. See the term grade scale, below.

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Your Term Grade

Each student earns only one letter grade at the end of each term, and one letter grade for the course at the end of the year. Each term grade for Chemistry 8211 is based on the work completed that meets an established standard by the end of the term. Successful completion of four core modules is required to earn a grade of B− or higher. Students earn higher grades by successfully completing choice modules. Each module completed successfully earns one point toward the term grade. Term grades are based on the point scale as follows:

6 points A
5 points B+
4 points B−
3 points C
fewer than 3 points <C

Form more information about how grades are determined, please follow this link.



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